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Here and now service

How to get here and now service

Graphic machines are complex and can experience technical issues. With our "here and now service", you can quickly minimize downtime by picking up the phone and contacting us right away. This way, you'll be able to resolve issues faster and resume production.

If you need emergency help, we are available around the clock to handle the situation.

Give us a call

You contact us directly and describe the problem you are experiencing and the machine in question.

Basic troubleshooting

We ask you to check the power supply, fuses, cables, and if necessary, restart the machine.

Remote support

If you can't get your machine up and running after basic troubleshooting, remote support is also available for most graphics machines.

Analysis and solutions

After remote support, we will suggest how you can solve the problem yourself without having to wait for us to come and fix it. This also helps you avoid an unnecessarily high bill

Additional needs

If it turns out that it is not possible to resolve the issue via remote support or over the phone, we will schedule a visit. The time of the visit depends on the urgency of the issue and whether any parts or equipment need to be ordered in to resolve the issue.

Carrying out repairs

Once we know the scope of the job, we develop solution proposals and a repair implementation plan. Read more under repair.

Do you need a service agreement?

We offer 24-hour service across the country